Regents Bus Schedule

Transportation for Regents exams will follow the late bus routes.  For safety reasons and for Regents transportation only, the bus will only pick up at the intersections listed below, NOT house stops.  Therefore, students need to pick up the bus at the nearest intersection to his/her home listed below. These times are approximate and depend on the number of students riding.  It is the student’s responsibility to be ready and at the bus stop 10 minutes in advance of the scheduled pick up time.  There will only be a morning bus arriving at the high school at approximately 7:25 a.m.  Buses will depart the high school at approximately 2:45 p.m.  There will be no mid-morning bus.  Students needing to take the morning bus must sign up with the Main Office by Wednesday, June 12, 2019.  Buses will only run based on student need. Bus stop locations and times are listed below.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Muller in the transportation department at 856-9980 ext. #1.

 Regents Exams – Bus 1                     

Proctor Rd/Hollow Rd.                       6:35 am        

Proctor Rd/Black Forest                     6:36 am         

Haring Rd/Proctor Rd.                       6:39 am         

Haring Rd/Rowley Rd.                       6:41 am         

VanTuyl/Haring Rd.                           6:43 am         

Rt 97/VanTuyl Rd.                            6:45 am

Rt 97/Rt 55                                         6:47 am        

Rt 21/Mail Rd.                                    6:48 am         

Rt 21/Rt 21A                                       6:49 am         

Rt 21/Kern Rd.                                   6:50 am                 

Rt 21/Lower Corkscrew Rd               6:51 am

Schumacher/Mail Rd/Rt 21                6:53 am                  

Beaverbrook/Irishtown Rd                 6:57 am         

Beaverbrook/Woods Rd                     6:59 am         

Beaverbrook/Ballfield                        7:00 am         

Eldred Yulan Rd/4 Corners                7:01 am         

Eldred Yulan Rd/Bodine Lk               7:03 am         

Eldred Yulan/Airport Rd                    7:05 am         

Rt 55/Steges Rd                                   7:09 am         

Steges Rd/Hartung Rd                       7:12 am

Hartung Rd/Highland Lk Rd              7:15 am


Regents Exams – Bus 2

Rt 41/Taras Shevchenko Rd               6:35 am

Rt 41/Ivan Franko Rd                         6:36 am

Rt 41/White Rd                                  6:36 am

Rt 97/Nolan’s                                      6:40 am

Rt 97/Hawk Mountain                    6:46 am

Rt 31/Caskey Rd                                 6:49 am

Rt 31/Knight/White                            6:53 am

Rt 31/Kalin Weber Rd                        6:55 am

Rt 31/Rt 41 (High Rd)                        6:58 am

Forestburg Rd/Mohican Lk Rd        7:00 am

Forestburg/Smith Rd.                         7:01 am

Forestburg Rd/Lebanon Exten.         7:04 am

Mohican Lk Rd/Mohican Lk Inn        7:07 am

Highland Lk Rd/Lakeview                 7:09 am

Proctor Rd/Devlin Rd                         7:13 am

Proctor Rd/Barker Rd                         7:15 am

Proctor Rd/Collins Rd                        7:16 am

Proctor Rd/Frazier Rd                         7:17 am


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